What is the Curate. Card?

The Curate. Card is a discount card for Glasgow creators, makers and shops.

Curate. Card membership creates a variety of opportunities to support Glasgow businesses online, in person and in-store.

For an annual fee of £15, Curate. Card membership has the following benefits:

At least 10% discount with over 25 curate. Partnered businesses (in-store and online)
Free access to Curate. events launching in 2022
Ongoing discounts and collaborations with Curate. and our partnered brands

Join us to shop and save on every purchase with our Curate. partners across types.

We’re welcoming new partners all the time, see below to find out who you can shop with and dates of upcoming events.

Join the club, £15 for the year.

Your Curate. Card membership gives you 12 months of discounts and exclusives.

Payment provided by Stripe. You will be taken to their pop to make your purchase once you select 'Buy Now'


Check here for answers to our most asked questions

How does the Curate. Card work?

Following purchase, you will receive an email containing your unique Curate. discount code and digital membership card to add to your phone’s wallet. 

You can use the card in-store with partnered brands or shop online with the discount code for those who don’t live in Glasgow. 

The card brings great benefits whether you live in Glasgow or further afield. Not only because all our partnered brands can be shopped online, but because it will give you access to exclusive discounts and Curate. initiatives which can be enjoyed from Glasgow and beyond!

How much does it cost?

Annual membership will cost £15. There will also be a pay-it-forward option at the till for those who cannot afford the full amount. In the future we are looking to add a charitable donation option to add a donation of your choice to local charities

How do I get my card?

The card will be purely digital to remove any resources from the dispatch and membership process. We don’t want to create unnecessary waste through this initiative and believe a digital card and online discount codes will create an easy to use system that doesn't require raw materials to produce.

How long does membership last for?

Membership lasts one year from the date of purchase and renews automatically. You will receive a reminder of your renewal date two weeks before payment occurs.

I don’t live in Glasgow, can I still use my card?

Yes! All discounts apply online and Curate. exclusives will be available for UK and international shipping (plus shipping fees).

Still have questions?

Feel free to send us an email!

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